St. Cuthbert

Wild Goose Studio St. Cuthbert $37.00


St. Cuthbert had come to Lindisfarne on Holy Island from Iona, and here, two reluctant companions, feared of sea monsters, are taking him to Farne Island, where he is to die 'a green martyr'. Cuthbert championed the Celtic conviction that the spirit is to be found equally as much in nature as in the person. He argued this at the 7c. Synod of Whitby, but the choice was made for Roman rather than Celtic spirituality. 'Faith worketh by love, not by matters of deep dispute.' - Cuthbert

The Wild Goose Studio in Kinsale Co. Cork Ireland has been designing and making gifts to inspire the imagination since 1970. Together with leading Irish artists, it has created a unique range of artefacts which combine heritage with the contemporary Inspired by myths, legends and history, all our pieces are handmade by skilled craft- workers and finished in pure bronze or cast iron.