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This quaint Killybegs Fisherman's Cottage Annual Ornament is inspired by fishing cottages found in Glencolmcille Folk Village in Donegal. It gets its name from one of Ireland's major fishing villages, Killybegs on the north west of Ireland. Killybegs is a deep-water harbour and is associated with St Catherine of Alexandria since the 15th Century who is the patron saint of seafarers. This shows its long tradition with fishing. Fishing cottages were white washed and had a thatched roof decorated here with Belleek's signature shamrocks. A half door stands slightly ajar keeping animals out and people in. It is surrounded by delicate pink and purple flowers. On one side of the cottage ornament a large fishing net hangs waiting to be mended after catching fish like mackerel and herring in the Wild Atlantic. Crab pots and a fishing rod was to be taken down to the fisherman's fishing boat at the port in Killybegs. Belleek have introduced an annual ornament every year for the last 30 years. This Killybegs Fisherman's Cottage is the 30th Edition Annual Ornament for 2017.

Made in Ireland