Nicholas Mosse Pottery Mug Sheep $31.00


Nicholas Mosse Pottery is made in Kilkenny, Ireland.  They create a range of beautiful pottery for all occasions. Each piece is made by hand and crafted with the greatest care for detail. Inspired by the rural surroundings, Nicholas Mosse patterns capture the charm of Irish country-living and bring it straight to your home.

The animals of farm and field all at play..tiny horses, happy dogs, sheep and running chickens, all the countryside comes alive on these rurally inspired pieces, which are almost works of art! This is a seperate range of selected pieces, each decorated with landscape surrounding a sponged animal, with detailing added by hand. Skilled brushwork makes each one individual. Be sure to look at the selection of animals- get one of each!

Small:  2.7 inches high

Large:  3.5 inches high