Celtic Tree of Life Blue Stained Glass

Keltic Designs Celtic Tree of Life Blue Stained Glass $49.95


Celtic Tree of Life Stained Glass
These beautiful Celtic Art Glass pieces with designs by Welsh Artist Jen Delyth are hand-painted. Using brilliantly colored crystalline, translucent, and frosted lacquers that capture the beauty of traditional stained glass at a fraction of the cost.

To care for piece: Use a damp soft cloth to remove dust and finger prints. Hang securely, don't use suction cups.
This 10 inch diameter zinc framed panel comes with attached chain for hanging.
Tree of Life by artist Jen Delyth creates original Celtic paintings and illustrations which explore the language of myth and symbol inspired by Celtic folklore and the spirit within nature. Her work is informed by the folk motifs and symbols of the ancient Celts, but woven through her experience and vision as a woman of the twenty-first century. Jen Delyth created her distinctive and widely known image - "Celtic Tree of LIfe" in 1989, inspired by the interconnectedness of all things - the circle of life - plants, animals, the above and below, the circle that connects us all. There are no Celtic Tree images in antiquity, and Jen's "Tree of Life" was one of the first Celtic depictions to illustrate this essential philosophy - that although common to many cultures, lies at the heart of the Celtic religion and culture.

The colour is blue and purple.