Galway Crystal Longford Make-Up Bell $31.95


This Galway Longford Make Up Bell is really the perfect gift for the wedding couple.  Named appropriately,  Irish tradition says to ring this Make Up Bell when you are ready to "make up" and end a quarrel with your loved one.  This wonderfully unique gift comes to us from the famous Galway Crystal company in Ireland.  Galway Irish Crystal has long been one of the world's best known and loved brands of traditionally crafted Irish lead crystal. Nestled in the heart of the West of Ireland, on the shores of Galway Bay, Galway Irish Crystal is steeped in the rich and diverse heritage of this unique hinterland.  All Galway crystal pieces are inspired by the sheer beauty of the surrounding countryside - Connemara, Galway Bay and Lough Corrib - and influenced by the wealth of history and folklore which is synonymous with Galway, the famous City of the Tribes. 

Each bell comes boxed with an explanation.

6 inches high.