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The label on back of tile reads... 

During the reign of Alexander III from 1249 to 1286 there was an army of Vikings from Norway under the leadership of King Haakon, who were intent on conquering a party of sleeping Scottish warriors on the coast of Largs in Ayrshire.  In order to get closer to the Scotsmen the Vikings removed their footwar and unfortunately for one of King Haakon's men, he stood on a prickly thistle and cried out in pain, awaking the Scottish warriors.  Needless to say, it was the Scots, who won on that day and from that moment the prickly purple thistle was adopted as the symbol of Scotland.

The tiles are made from stoneware clay, they are individually hand crafted and are twice fired in kilns. The Parchment tiles are made with rough torn edges which gives a unique artistic form. They are mounted on a 7 1/2 inches square black wood frame. A wall hanging clip, rubber wall protectors and a descriptive label (see individual tile picture for details) is attached to the back of the frame.

All tiles are Individually Boxed.