Wild Rose Pottery Celtic High Cross $44.95


The label on back of tile reads... 

 The true meaning behind Celtic  designs & legends is lost in the mists of  history, little real documentary evidence exists today.  Whatever the  thoughts in the minds of those artists and storytellers long ago we encourage you to enjoy their beauty and dream your own thoughts.

 According to a popular legend, St Patrick himself was responsible for the design of the Celtic High Cross when he combined a Christian cross with the sun, one of the most important and ancient Celtic symbols. Archaeological discoveries however suggest the design of the cross predates St Patrick's arrival.

 But it was, nonetheless, Christian monks who were responsible for most of the 300 or so crosses that remain standing in Ireland today.  

We make our tiles from stoneware clay, they are individually hand crafted and are twice fired in our kilns. The Parchment tiles are made with rough torn edges which gives a unique artistic form. They are mounted on a 7 1/2 inches square black wood frame. A wall hanging clip, rubber wall protectors and a descriptive label (see individual tile picture for details) is attached to the back of the frame.

All tiles are Individually Boxed.