Union Differentiates

Wild Goose Studio Union Differentiates $72.00


If a union is to be successful, its individual parts must be able to perfect and fulfill themselves, no matter how complex their grouping. The individual parts, be they cells, persons, groups, or nations, do not lose their identity and merge into the whole, but paradoxically become more themselves. Indeed the depth and uniqueness of their separate identities becomes more accentuated.

This was proposed by the extraordinary priest, paleontologist and geologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. To be effective it demands a true union, without reservations, centre to centre, & heart to heart. He saw the entire universe, from the smallest particle of matter, to the most complex order of persons or nation states as being in a process of continual evolution.

This is from an exclusive carving commissioned by the Studio from the stone carver Lida Lopes Kindersley, who worked the original from York stone.

The Wild Goose Studio in Kinsale Co. Cork Ireland has been designing and making gifts to inspire the imagination since 1970. Together with leading Irish artists, it has created a unique range of artefacts which combine heritage with the contemporary Inspired by myths, legends and history, all our pieces are handmade by skilled craft- workers and finished in pure bronze or cast iron.