Solvar Jewelry Sterling Silver Celtic Shamrock Pendant $49.95


Sterling Silver Celtic Shamrock pendant made by Solvar, Dublin, Ireland.  This piece measures approximatly 1/2 inch and combines the shamrock and celtic knot symbols, two very important symbols of Ireland. 

According to tradition, shamrocks never flower, nor will they grow anywhere outside of Ireland. Legend has it that in the 5th Century Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, used the shamrock to demonstrate that the three persons of the Trinity were like the three leaves of the shamrock. They were held together in one unit by the stem, which was used as a symbol of the Godhead. 

Celtic knot-work embodies a richness and pureness of ancient Celtic times. It dates back as far as the 5th century and was used extensively by the ancient monks to illuminate the world famous Book of Kells manuscripts. The interlaced unbroken lines symbolize one’s spiritual growth, eternal life and never ending love – having no beginning and no end. Each twist and turn has its individual magical and mystic qualities

Measures 0.5in made of sterling silver <br> Made in Ireland