Urnes Church Carved Mahogany Panel
Urnes Church Carved Mahogany Panel
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BF Urnes Church Carved Mahogany Panel $465.00


This panel is a mahogany carving of the designs in the Urnes church, which is a world heritage site. It comes polished with a special wax which will last a lifetime. Urnes Stave Church was built relatively close to the initial transition period from the Pagan to the Christian era. For that reason the Stave Church builders incorporated many Pagan elements of design thought to foster protection and security into the symbology of the new religion. Many of these elements take the form of intertwining dragons, serpents, and tendrils. Some historians argue that the transition between these eras is still under way and can be recognized in the symbols the modern Christian church continues to employ.

Measures 16 X 21 inches.