Butlers Irish Cream Liqueur Truffles $9.95


Famous Irish Chocolate Truffles.  This product contains alcohol.  125g or 4.41oz

Mouth-watering milk chocolate truffles infused with the flavour of Irish Cream liqueur.
Made by Butlers, Dublin, Ireland. 

Butlers Chocolates began life in Dublin’s Lad Lane in 1932. The company was founded by a pioneering lady called Marion Butler who named her luxury chocolate creations Chez Nous Chocolates. Marion established the company in the heart of fashionable Georgian Dublin, making her delicious confections by hand.

Marion, who was born in India and moved to Ireland as a young woman continued to make her delicious chocolates until 1959, when the company was bought by Seamus Sorensen from Cork. The company is still owned and run by the Sorensen family.