Coat of Arms Wine Glasses set of four

Sexton Coat of Arms Wine Glasses set of four $69.95


We couldn’t pick just any wine glass to carry your Irish family coat-of-arms. A wonderfully sized, exquisitely-balanced stemmed red wine glass with elegant proportions but a robust constitution. Sand-etched with your surname and coat-of-arms. The ideal gift for anyone with an Irish branch on their family tree. 13 1/2 oz., permanently sand-etched image and dishwasher safe. Choose from over 1000 available coat of arms.

    Beadless, polished Dura-Temp edge

    Enhanced bowl thickness for extra durability

    Bottom diameter: 3-1/4"

    Maximum diameter: 3-5/8"

    Capacity: 13-1/2 oz

    Product height: 6-7/8"

    Material: glass

    Color: clear

    Top diameter: 3-1/4"