Symbols of Ireland Cards

Wild Goose Studio Symbols of Ireland Cards $12.95


Symbols of Ireland Cards, six pack. Made at The Wild Goose Studio in County Cork, Ireland

The symbols on this set of cards includes St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland (who drove out the snakes), the shamrock, which St. Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland and the boat which represents St. Brendan, who is believed to have discovered America while on his own quest to find the Promised Land.

Inspired by Ireland's long history and rich heritage, Wild Goose work with today's artists to create eye-catching pieces which also appeal to the heart. The Wild Goose Studio is a family business in Kinsale, County Cork, which has been making high quality gifts since 1969.

Set comes with 6 cards, blank on the inside, and 6 envelopes.