Patsy O'Brien, Irish Guitar

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Irish Guitar

This selection came together over the last few years touring with various fine traditional musicians, some steeped in the Irish tradition , others well versed in African and South American rhythms.

1. Matt Peoples/The Macroom Lasses/Tripping Down The Stairs  02:52
2. Good Times Coming  03:30
3. The Ruins of Kilmallock/Top of Cork Road  02:20
4. The Independence Hornpipe/Lambert's Farewell  03:28
5. Next Market Day  03:21
6. Chief O'Neill's Favourite  02:25
7. Days Burn Down  02:55
8. My Lagan Love/The Maids of Mitchelstown/The Wise Maid  04:45
9. The Roaring Barmaid/Ivan's  03:32
10.Sweetest Honey  03:01
11.The Peeler's Jacket/O'Connell's Trip to Parliament  02:14
12.Si Beag Si Mor (in 4)  04:11
13.Behind Every Word  03:35