CD O-Z Daithi Sproule and Laura MacKenzie, The Pinery $14.95


The Pinery Tracklist:

  1. It Was All For Our Rightful King
  2. Mag Mcdermott's/Dermot Mclaughlin's
  3. Susie Cleland/The Birks Of Abergeldie
  4. Up The Airy Mountain/Bill Thomas' Jig
  5. Bonnie Dundee/Pawky Adam Glen/Wee Totum Fogg
  6. Pinery Boy, The
  7. To Limerick We Will Go/Woo'd And Married And A'/I Hae A Wife O' My Ain
  8. Ah! May The Red Rose/The Glenfarne Waltz
  9. Thios I D'Teach An Torraimh
  10. Farewell To Minnesota