CD A-G Liz Carroll, Liz Carroll $16.95


  1. Reel Beatrice/The Abby Reel 
  2. Out On The Road/Princess Nancy
  3. For Eugene/Gravity Hill
  4. Clarke's Favorite/Pigeon On The Gate  
  5. Tune For Mairead & Anna Ni Mhaonaigh
  6. Two Polkas: Sock In The Hole/The Hole In The Sock
  7. Mrs. Carroll's Strathspey/Chapter 16
  8. Helicopters/Crossing The Delaware  
  9. The Sister's Reel/Wynding The Hay 
  10. Lacey's Sig/A Tune For Charles/The Geese In The Bog
  11. The Par Cark/Baiting The Hook/The Jumping White Nut Eater
  12. Greenleaf Strathspey/The Setting Sun 
  13. Two Slip Jigs: The Wee Dollop/The Houseboat
  14. G-Reel/Merle's Tune
  15. The Western Reel/The Road To Recovery