CD O-Z Eileen O'Brien, Aon le h'Aon $14.95


Eileen O'Brien, Aon le h'Aon

This solo album from extraordinary Tipperary fiddler Eileen O'Brien exclusively features the compositions of her late father, the legendary accordion player Paddy O'Brien. A must-have CD for fans of traditional Irish music.

1. The Fly in the Porter/The Burning Brakes
2. The Four Leafed Shamrock/Patrick's Night
3. The Amir's Delight/The Humours of Bahrain/The Sheik's Fancy
4. The Dapper's Delight/The Pub in the Square
5. De Bharr na gCnoc
6. The Hills of Tipperary/Larry's Favorite
7. The Arra Mountains/Fr. Burke's
8. The Hallowe'en Nut/THe Hangover
9. Larkin's Beehives/Hanly's Tweed
10. Bruach na Carraige Bana
11. The Grouse on the Hill/The Stormy Night
12. The High Road/The Surprise Hornpipe
13. The Christmas Tree/The Holly Bush
14. Out in the Cold/Gavin's Piano
15. The Man in the Tower/The Empty Bar
16. The Happy Man/Cutting the Hay
17. Larkin's 25th/The one that was lost
18. Easter Snow
19. The Swan on the Lake/Dan's Request
20. Dinny O'Brien