Todd Menton, Where Will You Land

CD H-M Todd Menton, Where Will You Land $14.95


Todd Menton, Where Will You Land

This recording features six original compositions along with six traditional pieces arranged only as Todd Menton can. In true genre-crossing fashion, Todd has crossed delicate mandolins and whistles with the percussive sounds of the industrial drum ensemble Savage Aural Hotbead, and he has mixed snarling electric guitars with a brass band (The Brass Messengers)—all alongside his powerfully written and played folk ballads. Where Will You Land is a landmark recording from this truly gifted artist.


The .22 Man
The Gatling Gun
My Bigfoot
Princess Royal
Kitchen Girl
The 23rd of June
Rushes Green
The Rare Old Mountain Dew/Farewell to Erin
Where Will You Land
Blow Boys Blow