CD H-M Seamus McGuire, The Missing Reel $18.95


Seamus McGuire, The Missing Reel Tracklist:

1. Leitrim Clog Dance John Lee  
2. Miss Ramsey/John Blessing's/Tinker Hill John Lee
3. Lord Haddo's Favourite John Lee
4. Peter Lee's Jig/Bernie Cunnion's Favourite John Lee 
5. The Road To Ballymac/Corriga Grove/The Cloone Reel John Lee
6. Tomorrow Morning/O'Donnell's Hornpipe John Lee
7. McGovern's Favourite/The Banks Of Inverness/Me And My Love In The Garden/Bat Henry's Reel John Lee  
8. The Drummond Lassies/The Missing Reel John Lee
9. A Swedish Wedding Dance John Lee  
10. Old Mickey McKiernan's/The Camber Lassies/The Old Schoolmaster/Over The Bridge To Peggy John Lee
11. Réchnoc Mná Duibhe John Lee
12. Our Own Little Isle/Miss Bruce John Lee 
13. Little Jimmy McKiernan's/Dessie O'Connor's/The Galway Rambler John Lee 
14. The Aughavas Reel/The Humours Of Tooma/Maggie On The Shore/The Drumerkane Reel