CD H-M Langers Ball, The Devil or the Barrel $13.95


Langers Ball, The Devil or the Barrel

The Langer’s Ball features Michael Sturm on Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals, Hannah Rediske on Piano Accordion & Penny Whistle, Drew Miller on Bass, Trevor Jurgens Lead Guitar, & Backing Vocals, and Derek Jaimes on Drums & Backing Vocals. The full-band Langer’s Ball plays fast, fun aggressive Irish Punk Rock music.

  1. Whiskey Chaser
  2. I Know My Love
  3. Johnny Jump Up
  4. Rye Whiskey
  5. Real Old Mountain Dew
  6. The Little Vagabond
  7. Kick Around
  8. All For Me Grog
  9. Mackey's Daughter
  10. Fields of Athenry
  11. One More
  12. Johnny, You're a Rovin' Blade
  13. Wild Rover Polka