CD A-G Matt Cunningham, Dance Music of Ireland Volume 3 $12.95


Matt Cunningham, Dance Music of Ireland Volume 3

If its Irish Set Dancing Music or Traditional Music you like the best in Ireland must be Matt Cunningham. It was Joe O'Donovan a renowned dancing instructor who described Matt as a pioneer in the recording of appropriate Music for set dancing. His balance of bright and lively music with the right amount of lift is essential for the dancer and is one of the reasons for his huge popularity. It was another well known instructor who said Matt Cunninghams Dance Music of Ireland Volume 1 - 14 is the Complete Dance Music of Ireland Collection.

This is Volume 3 of a twelve volume selection from Matt Cunningham who is an international musician. Matt has to date recorded music for over 50 sets as well as numerous figure and two-hand dances.This CD like the others is specially designed for those who wish to learn set dancing, as each set is introduced and played to its proper length and tempo.It is also the best in traditional Irish music for the keen listener.

 1.  The Plain Set  
1st Figure - Reels, 
2nd Figure - Reels, 
3rd Figure - Reels, 
4th Figure - Reels,
5th Figure - Jigs,
6th Figure - Reels 

2.The Cavan Set 
1st Figure - Reels, 
2nd Figure - Reels,
3rd Figure - Reels,
4th Figure - Reels 

3. Stack Of Barley (Slow Tempo) 

4.  Verse Of Vienna (Shoe The Donkey Slow Tempo) 

5. The Schottische (Heel and Toe Slow Tempo)

6.  The Donegal Set  
1st Figure - Jigs,
2nd Figure - Polkas,
3rd Figure - Jigs,
4th Figure –-Polkas,
5th Figure - Reels

7.  The Sliabh Luachra Set 
1st Figure - Polkas,
2nd Figure - Polkas,
3rd Figure - Slides,
4th Figure - Polkas,
5th Figure - Slides,
6th Figure - Hornpipe 

8.  The Trip To The Cottage