Liz Carroll, Lost In The Loop

CD A-G Liz Carroll, Lost In The Loop $16.95


1. Sevens/Michael Kennedy's/The Cup Of Tea (Reels)
2. The Champaign Jig Goes To Columbia/Pat And Al's (Jigs)
3. See It There/Con Cassidy's (Slow Reels)
4. The Golden Legs/The Flogging Reel (Reels)
5. Lament Of The First Generation (Air) 
6. The Drunken Sailor/The Bag Of Spuds (Hornpipe And Reel)
7. The Old Maid Of Galway/Lizzy In The Lowground (Reels)  
8. The Crow In The Sun (Air) 
9. The Ugly Duckling (Tune)
10. On The Boulevard/Crabs In The Skillet (Jigs)
11. Letter To Peter Pan (Tune)
12. The Silver Spear/The Earl's Chair/The Musical Priest (Reels)
13. The Didda/Fly And Dodger (Tunes)
14. Lost In The Loop (Reel)