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Anton and Sully, The Feis Album Volume 2

Anton & Sully's Feis Album VOL II has been their most successful album to date. With their unique sound and feel within Feisland, i'm sure this album will cater for you and your dancing school perfectly. With their usual mix of tunes for open dancers and beginners this album is an essential part of your feis music repertoire.Their usual mix of compositions, grade and open level music and their second unique PRESENTATION TRACK will keep you practicing longer than ever!

Track List

  1. Reels (113)
  2. Reels (113)
  3. Hornpipes (113)
  4. Hornpipes (113)
  5. Slip Jigs (113)
  6. Slip Jigs (113)
  7. Heavy Jigs (73)
  8. Heavy Jigs (73)
  9. Beginners Reel (123)
  10. Light Jigs (115)
  11. Single Jigs(Hop) (124)
  12. Beginner's Slip Jig (112)
  13. Traditional Heavy Jig
  14. Traditional Hornpipe
  15. Presentation Music