Books A-J John Dingley,The Timeless Cavern- Marged Evans and the Pebbles of Time $16.95


The Timeless Cavern tells the story eleven year old Marged Evans who is upset when her mother turns off the TV and sends her outside with her brother to explore. She hears of the myths and legends that surround the cave on the edge of their hill farm. Being so intrigued by the stories she goes back alone the next day and what she and what she finds deep in that cave will change her life forever.

John Dingley,the author, grew up on a hill farm in Mid Wales and now lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He has been called a renaissance man who has shown a variety of notable talents. His love of nature has involved him in a major role for wildlife reintroduction. His love of theatre has led to performances in a variety of roles, both in Wales and around the Mid West.