Irish Green Waistcoat Vest

Muckross Weavers Irish Green Waistcoat Vest $189.00


Irish Green Waistcoat Vest made by Mucros Weavers in Killarney, Ireland.

If you want the look of the Irish Man, this classic Wool Herringbone Tweed Vest will fill the ticket. For over thirty years Mucros Weavers have produced quality woven accessories, under the expert eye of master weaver John Cahill. Their colorful scarves, stoles, capes and waistcoats, are made from materials such as wool, mohair and alpaca.  Visitors to Mucros House in Killarney, Ireland can still see spinning and weaving carried out the traditional way, in their craft workshop. This vest will add classic style to any outfit.

Materials: 100% Wool, 100% viscose lining