Latchfords Project Kells Puzzle $19.95


Project Kells Puzzle made in West Cork, Ireland. 500 pieces.

Nuada the High King. The Tuatha De Danaan were a mystical people who invaded Ireland on the fire festival of Beltene. Immediately setting fire to their magical ships, they demanded battle from the Fomor and the Fir Bolg, for Ireland was their by right of heredity, their promised land. In the ensuing First Battle of Moy Tura, Nuada, the semi-devine King of the Tuatha De, lost and arm and because of this mutilation was obliged to abdicate in fabour of Breas the Beautiful. The cheiftansof the Tuatha De complained that "their knives were not greased by him, and however often they visited him their breaths did not smell of ale." There was no art, no music, no poetry, and no entertainment; Ireland was a 'land of sheep' annd the Tuatha De were divided. Meanwhile, Nuada, his arm struck off, was seven years under cure from Dian Cecht the Healer. During this time the healing was completed and a silver arm, richly decorated with sacred runes, and with movement in every finger, was fitted to his shoulder. From then on he was known as Nuada of the Silver Arm, and he was reinstated as High King.