Solvar Jewelry Connemara Marble Cross $79.95


Connemara Marble Cross. This Celtic Cross is made by Solvar, one of the finest jewelers in Dublin, from sterling silver with Connemara marble.

The Celtic Cross pays tribute to those ancient Celts whose legacy remains. And for all to see, it is a powerful symbol of faith.  Now the story continues with those who wear a Celtic Cross. In doing so, we remember the precious heritage of Ireland, this land that has always been the home of saints and scholars.

Connemara Marble is referred to as Ireland's Gemstone, as it is a unique and rare form of Marble found only in the West of Ireland. It is estimated to be over 600 million years old. It is the presence of various natural elements in the limestone that gives Connemara marble its rich and beautiful colours. This beautiful marble offers a range of colour tones. From the lighter, paler shades of green, all the way to rich dark emerald tones. How fitting for Ireland that one of its natural treasures is the only green marble known to exist!